What does my membership fee cover?

  • Once you have registered as a member, you can sign up for as many classes per semester as you would like.
  • OLLI at UNT members also receive a permanent pin style name badge.
  • OLLI at UNT members enjoy library privileges at UNT's Willis Library, including the ability to check out books and media.
  • OLLI at UNT members are encouraged to form and join clubs with other members. Our book club, for example, has become very popular.
  • OLLI at UNT also holds social events for members, such as our end-of-semester receptions.

Do I have to buy books?

No. Instructors may recommend books for you to read but you won't be required to purchase any.

Will the instructors assign mandatory homework?

No. The instructors may occasionally request for certain assignments or readings to be completed at home, but any such assignments will be voluntary.

When and where are classes held?

The Fall semester of classes begins in September and ends in November or early December. The Spring semester begins in February and ends in April or early May.

For full class location details, please click here.

As a member, you may sign up for any class that interests you, regardless of where that class is being held.

Do my classes meet only once or are there multiple sessions?

Most classes meet only once. However, some will meet twice or more. The meeting times for classes are listed in the OLLI at UNT Catalog and also in your personal schedule. If a class has multiple dates and times listed, that means the instructor will be continuing his or her presentation from one session to the next.

Is parking available?

 Parking in the UNT Highland Street garage is available for a fee. Parking at Robson Ranch is complimentary for all members.

For full parking details, please click here.

Where can I eat lunch?

Information about UNT's on-campus dining options can be found at Dining Services' website.

Members are entitled to a 10% discount at the Robson Ranch Wildhorse Grill. To receive the discount, show your name tag at the restaurant.

There are stacks of folders on the desk outside of each class. Do I need one?

These are our New Member Folders. If this is your first semester of classes as a member of OLLI at UNT, please pick up your folder before class. Inside, there is some introductory information that we hope will be helpful. You are not required to bring the folder with you to each class. We have provided it purely for your convenience.

How do the waitlists work?

As soon as space becomes available in a class, those at the top of the waitlist are automatically moved in. You will be immediately notified by email when you are moved into a class. Members contact us on an almost daily basis to cancel their participation in certain classes. If you’re on a waitlist, don’t give up hope! You might even be moved into a class the day before it’s scheduled to meet.

Although we encourage our members to attend as many classes as they like, we also must limit our class sizes to comply with the fire code. Please check your personal schedule before coming to class and confirm that you have officially enrolled in the class and you’re not still waitlisted. Our priority is to ensure that everyone enrolled for a class has a seat. Once all enrolled members are seated, if there are extra seats available, we will welcome any members who also wish to attend the class.

If you have a question about your personal schedule, please let us know (940-369-7293 or OLLI@unt.edu). We can email or mail a copy of your schedule to you at any time.

What should I do if I have to miss a class?

We understand that personal schedules can change quickly. If you need to drop a class, please contact us by email or phone (940-369-7293). We ask that you cancel as soon as you know that you won't be able to make it. Another member may be on a waitlist, eager to come in your place!

Are the snacks at Robson Ranch free?

Snacks at Robson Ranch are for sale (most for $1 apiece). There is a basket on the snack table where you may leave your money. Payment is on the honor system. However, if members fail to pay for the snacks, Robson Ranch will not be able to continue providing them.

If I need to leave a class at Robson Ranch early, can I sneak out the back door?

You must exit the Robson Ranch classroom through the same door you use to come in (where our table is located). This is the only door that provides access to the hallway and the building’s main exits. All other doors lead to rooms that may be in use by other groups!

Is it ok to leave my cell phone ringer on so that I can hear my text messages and other notifications?

Please SILENCE your cell phone for the duration of class. If you need to use your phone for any reason, please excuse yourself to the hallway so that you will not disturb other members as they continue to enjoy the class.

Are there any additional questions that we should answer on this page? Contact us by email or phone (940-369-7293) to let us know!