Spring 2017 Instructor Handouts
Handouts will be made available here as we receive them from our instructors.

5. Introduction to Growing Vegetables in Your Home Garden

10. Principles of Wealth Preservation

14. How to Successfully Age - Better than Everyone Else!

24. What is Science Anyway? Is There Method in the Madness?

26. The Hospice Option

27. Exploring the Capitals of Texas

28. Celebrating St. Patrick's Death: Becoming a Global Holiday

29. Orchestral Incidental Music at the Movies

32. Three Great Plays By Arthur Miller

33. Scene Workshop: Arthur Miller

  • Instructor requests that participants arrive having already read the Arthur Miller plays, All My Sons and Death of a Salesman.

43. Hebrew Narratives Part 2

44. Discussion Group: Hidden Power

45. Buddhism: A Very Short Introduction

56. A Brief History of Early Jazz

57. Grief: Effects of Near-Death Experiences, After- Death Communication, and Past- Life Memories

58. The Historical Jesus: How He Performed His Miracles