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We invite you to teach in OLLI at UNT, formerly the Emeritus College. Classes are held on the UNT campus (Mondays and Wednesdays), and Robson Ranch (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Our UNT Denton and Robson Ranch classes have two formats: one-time lectures (60-90 minutes, with discussion) and seminars (60-90 minute lectures over two or more weeks). Many OLLI at UNT faculty are retired, but others are active faculty or area professionals who are interested in sharing their expertise and love of a subject with a community of senior learners. You could teach in your area of academic expertise, or you can offer classes in new subjects in which you have become interested. To learn more about the benefits of teaching for OLLI at UNT, please download this informational letter from our Director.

Semester Submission Deadline
Fall 2017 (September - October) June 1, 2017
Spring 2018 (February - April) October 1, 2017

This class proposal form is also available in Microsoft Word format: click here to download a copy of this form.  

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If your subject material requires a limited class size, please indicate that buy specifying a preferred limit. Otherwise, classes will only be limited by classroom capacity.

OLLI at UNT, in an effort to be eco-friendly, posts your handout/reference material on our website, allowing members to print the documents before the classes they are attending.