Certificate in Assessing Walkway Safety

The University of North Texas College of Engineering has designed the Certificate in Assessing Walkway Safety Program specifically for those working in fields associated with industrial safety, building safety, risk assessment, building management, incident investigation, and safety program auditing. Using ASTM 2948-13 Standard Guide for Walkway Audtior Qualifications as its framework, this course is based on ASTM and ANSI standards, university and insurance industry research and government-sponsored information. The program includes lectures in a classroom setting, as well as walkway surface remediation exercises in a laboratory.

There are three levels of focus:

  1. Basic knowledge of the subject areas defined in ASTM 2948-13, including: principles of friction, gait mechanics, traction demand, tribometry, floor/shoe/contamination interface, and hazard remediation.
  2. The application of tools and concepts required for competent evaluation of pedestrian walkways.
  3. Introduction to broad scientific, legal, and ethical concepts as they apply to improving pedestrian safety in the United States.

The assessment-based certificate program is designed for those who wish to learn and apply lessons from research in slip and fall protection to improve walkway safety in their own or clients' facilities. The certificate also gives you opportunities to further develop highly transferrable applied engineering skills that are marketable to other industries. Instructor Jerry Davis delivers compelling presentations achieving 100% “met course expectations” and 100% “good or exceptional value” from the audience in the most recent October 2015 offering.  Typical participants hold position titles in Risk Control & Management, Floor Safety, and Forensic Engineering.

Course Dates: TBA

Course Instructor: Jerry Davis, Lecturer, College of Engineering


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