Room Reservation Requests

Now processing requests for: Summer 2016*
*We are unable to book rooms on: 6/2, 7/8, 7/29, and 8/12 due to Finals Days. Please contact the Registrar’s office directly to request approval for an event on one of those dates.
Fall 2016 availability (August 29 and on) will not be known until August 2016. We will schedule Fall 2016 requests once the Registrar releases the availability in August. The requests will be filed until then, and will later be scheduled in the order received. Please do not call our offices to inquire about your Fall 2016 reservation request. This will allow us to process requests as quickly as possible.

Room Reservation Guidelines
You will be asked to verify that you have read these guidelines before submitting your reservation request.

  • FOUR-DAY RULE: Reservation requests and reservation changes must be submitted at least four days in advance of your event or meeting, due to university risk management and safety requirements.
    • Example: Today is Thursday, February 11th – your event must occur on or after Monday, February 15th. If you have an emergency situation and are in need of a room before the four day minimum, please send an email to with a brief explanation of your situation and all pertinent event details (according to the room reservation request form).
  • The room reservation request form should be used by UNT faculty and staff to reserve General Purpose Classrooms only (Space Use code 110). This form cannot be used to reserve labs, conference rooms, lounge areas, etc.
  • Reservation requests are not be accepted over the phone. Only requests that are submitted online will be processed. 
  • Reservation requests are processed in the order that they have been received.
  • Students and Student Groups: No student event room requests can be processed by LLPD.
    • Students and student groups wishing to reserve space on campus must submit their request to Student Activities. Student requests made using the form below will not be processed.
  • Events with Minors in Attendance (Non-UNT students ages 18 and under): If you are expecting minors to attend your event, all persons interacting with the minors must go through training and a background check, hosted by UNT Risk Management. Please contact the Risk Management office at 940-565-2109 to set up your training and background check, as well as insurance requirements.. Please note: If parents attend the event with the minors and are with the minor 100% of the time, no training or background check is necessary.
  • Room Access and Custodial Services: If your event is taking place after normal business hours or on the weekend, please be advised that the door to your reserved room may be locked. It is your responsibility to contact David Barkenhagen (, 940-369-7311) in advance of your event to arrange for room access and custodial services. After hours cleaning may incur additional charges.
    • NOTE: Room reservation requests must be completed using the form below. Please do not contact Custodial Services (David Barkenhagen) to reserve a room.
  • Instructional Equipment: Please note that the instructional equipment in General Purpose Classrooms is supplied and maintained by Classroom Support Services (940-565-2691).
  • Upcoming Semesters: We cannot preempt the Registrar’s office when fulfilling reservation requests. Reservation requests placed for upcoming semesters will be held until classrooms for that semester have been released by the Registrar. At that time, we will begin processing requests in the order they were received.

Room Reservation Request Form